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Our Vision

To give access to women who lack positive role models in helping them reach their professional
goals through the support from women who are already accomplished professionally and within
their communities.


Our Mission

► Building bridges for women across boarders
► Offering leadership and collaboration opportunities
► Provide mentoring and coaching in areas of professional development and career
► Provide support for the integration of girls and women into society


Our Membership

Switzerland - Albania – Kosovo - United States of America - Canada - Australia- United
Kingdom – Germany- France – Italy - Greece- Sweden- Denmark


Composition of the structure

  • General Assembly
    The General Assembly is the supreme power of the association. It is composed of all members
    and it is hosted once per year for the ordinary meeting, but it can also be an extraordinary
    meeting, whenever it is demanded by the Committee or 1/5 of its members.
    The General Assembly is held, independently of the number of members who are present, and
    is guided by a member of the Committee.
    The decisions of the General Assembly are taken based on the majority of the votes of its
    members. In case there is a draw, the president’s vote counts for two.


  • Committee
    The Committee is composed of 5 elected members from the General Assembly and stays in
    power for 7 years, without having the right to be re-elected.
    The Committee is authorized to take actions related to the association’s goal. It has the widest
    competences in managing daily issues.


  • International Board
    The International Board is composed of unlimited number of members that have given a
    remarkable contribution in their respective countries of residence. The members of the
    International Board are elected by the Committee. They have a 3-year mandate which can be
    renewed only once.
    The members of the International Board act on voluntary basis and have the competences of
    ensuring the interconnection with Albanian community’s interests and the national institutions of
    the countries where they live, by suggesting new project ideas and concrete financial proposals
    in order to accomplish the objectives of the association at international levels


  • Board of Experts
    The Board of Experts is composed of an unlimited number of members and is elected by the
    Committee. Its mandate is also unlimited.
    The Board of Experts has the competences of giving its expertise according to its agenda of
    accomplishing the projects that correspond to their professional profile.
    The members of the Board of Experts are engaged on voluntary basis and are compensated
    financially as part of the project’s implementation in which they contribute by giving their


Contact us

Site : www.walbw.ch
E-mail : info@walbw.ch
Tel : +41 (0) 76 358 77 96
Facebook : Women Alb World


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Contact Information
Téléphone: + 41 76 358 77 96
E-mail: info@walbw.ch
Genève, Suisse
Site internet: