Business and Professional Woman (BPW) Lake Geneva

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  • Promote and support working women in professional, cultural, civil and societal areas.
  • Promote the local national and international network of BPW.
  • Mentoring and other projects that support professional women.
  • Promote the exchange and reciprocal understanding between as many professions and generations as possible
  • Develop and maintain friendly relationships.
  • Actively cooperate with other organizations that have similar aims.



  • Monthly meetings
  • Noteworthy speakers
  • Workshops for personal development
  • Networking and support
  • Opportunity to participate in Swiss and international conferences and events
  • Legislative voice



  • Women in responsible business, political and social positions
  • Women at the beginning of their professional career
Contact Information
Téléphone: +41 22 362 0338
Genève, Suisse
Site internet: